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Welcome to Avi Nardia Academy.
"We teach traditional, sport and combatives under a single flag for anyone who wishes to learn and progress with only one major prerequisite: integrity."

- Greetings from Master Avi Nardia -



Choose your path. Select
the lessons you want and excel
according to your interests & abilities.




There are only two mistakes
one can make along the road to truth
not going all the way, and not starting.



Instant access to ANA online.
Exclusive tutorials & insight
you won't find anywhere else.


Intuitive Knife Fighting

Over 30 minutes of incredible intuitive knife fighting. Includes:Knife vs Knife, Empty Hand vs Knife, Knife Disarming, Military Style Knife, Grappling vs Knife.

Official KAPAP Knife
"The Israeli Tracker"

Fox USMC Knives 602 Fox Israeli Trakker Knife

With survival tin which includes firestarter, matches, pocket knife, candle, snare, clothespin, whistle, razor blade, pencil & paper, bandages and more. Survival kit comes with individual black nylon belt sheath. Also comes with bonus 6" ChemLight green glow stick light.

Krav Maga KAPAP Book

Israeli Martial Arts

Tremendously inspiring chapters. First hand insight into Israeli martial arts including Krav Maga, KAPAP, Haganah, LOTAR and more!

World Team T-Shirt

Proudly represent the KAPAP World Team in this stylish 100% cotton tee and be the envy of your friends..

KAPAP Academy T-shirt